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[GameDude] Mättö Series - Mättö 17

The Winners... wet outside... ...and inside.

Previous Mättö's Rookie of the Cup continued to show some serious results. TriT "The Doctor" in car #7 stormed straight to the top and claimed his first championship. Worth noting here is also the fact that TriT won only one race, but all his race positions were in top 10. One does not need to win races to win the championship!

The second position went to Konkola, only 8 points behind TriT, and third was "The Always Third Dude In The Cup" Knight.

Rookie of the Cup was car #11, Argon. He took 13th position in his first cup's overall points.

An interesting statistical tidbit is Tony Speed's performance. He managed to win one race in Martinsville. However, that win was the only top 10 position which he got in the whole Cup.

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