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[GameDude] Mättö Series - Mättö 12

Jässe presents the 3rd trophy to Vippi Jässe presents the 2nd trophy to himself. Maarek, the winner, congratulates Mika and the winners

The Mättö 12 Cup is over. Again, a series of 12 separate races were run during 2 days. This was the third official Mättö Cup Series event.

The team victory went to the Blue Team. Well, please note that the Blue Team had 3 more drivers than the Red Team ;)

Maarek on the 4 car met his first championship in the Mättö Cup series. The defending champ, Jässe Pedal on the 13 car, was dropped to the second position. Karl Vippinger on the 105 car was third.

After a few 'sorting out races' the fight for the 3 top positions between Maarek, Jässe and Vippinger continued through the cup. The final result took shape in race #11 at Lowe's where Maarek managed to pull his lead almost to 100 points. The last race on Dover finalized Maarek's championship.

The Rookie of the Cup was Make on the 71 car with his 5th position. Nice work here with a win at Atlanta.

The title for the fastest driver of the cup goes to Karl Vippinger with a stunning 5 poles and 2 fastest laps on the races.

The next Mättö Cup will take place in the dawn of the summer.

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