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[GameDude] Mättö Series - Mättö 13


The Mättö 13 Cup is over. The event was held on cloudy and cold early summer weekend.

The team victory went to the Blue Team with 3250 points lead.

Jässe Pedal's championship was a slight surprise. He was well behind the lead after the 11th run at Lowe's. "Before the last race I was 4th, 38 points behind Jingo, who was the leader. And I couldn't get to the pole on qualify. My aim was to gain one of the top three positions, but a cup victory was sure a welcomed surprise", said Jässe. "I just have to thank all of those who were ahead of me and crashed!"

"Dääm, lost the victory by 9 points", said Jingo. "Fuck", said Knight. "Fuck", said Jorge. "Fuck", said Vippinger. "Fuck", said Maarek. "Fuck", said Jartzan. "Fuck", said Nowman. "Fuck", said Buddha. "Fuck", said Offroad. "Fuck", said MAD. "Fuck", said Sandman. "Fuck", said Konkola. "Fuck", said Dalemar. "Fuck", said JP. "Fuck", said Tony. "Fuck", said Paku. "Fuck", said DevNull. "Fuck", said ConMan. "Fuck", said Injun. "Fuck", said LtCol. "Fuck", said Tic0. "Fuck indeed", said PostMan.

The Rookie of the Cup was DevNull. The other rookie, Tic0, was recruited to the Mättö in the middle of the weekend, and he managed to join only to 2 race starts.

The title for the fastest driver of the cup goes to Knight, Vippinger, Maarek and Jartzan. All of them gained total of 4 in poles and fastest laps in races. Cups are getting more and more even between racers.

The next Mättö Cup will take place after the summer. This is the last Cup with Nascar 3, the 2002 season will be with Nascar 4.

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